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Is there such a thing as a Soul-Dog?


To the people that have had multiple dogs, cats, or other pets (serially or concurrently), have you had or do you currently have a special “soul-dog” or “soul-pet” – one that you feel/felt more of a bond with than any others – not because he/she really did anything special, but just because….

I’ve had several cats and dogs over the years, but feel very strongly attached to Mojo – he is like my child, wife, and girlfriends, all rolled into one.

I don’t know if it is simply my current state-of-mind/state-in-life or what (i.e. I’m in a place in life and willing/ready to “accept” a pet life-partner), but I’m anxious to hear what others have to say about their soul-mate pets.

I feel really, really, REALLY attached to this 15-lb barking, con-artist, flea-ridden, super-high-maintenance, weaselly, hair-shedding, big beautiful brown-eyed bundle of 110% pure love – now that he’s in my life, I can’t imagine being without him.

Sorry to be so sappy,

— mojo-daddy