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I, “mojo-daddy,” nobly rescued Mojo from a 28-acre hill-country ranch where he ran outside all day with his buds, chased squirrels, climbed, dug and swam to his heart’s content, and tried to mate with whatever…

His biological family (to protect their privacy, we’ll simply refer to them as “The Smiths”) raised Mojo (officially a purebred Jack Daniels Terror) and made him the sweetheart that he is today.

When I first met Mojo, we went through the usual ritual of sniffing each other and then I followed him around for awhile.

I was instantly infatuated with him.

I knew immediately that I must take him far from his home and family, relocate him to a small house in the city, and force him to cohabitate with 2 psycho cats.

He liked this so much that a few days later, I had his testicles surgically removed.

Karmic Justice was swift – immediate, to be precise. What is left of my life now revolves around Mojo.

To be specific, my life now revolves around keeping Mojo tired.

But I wouldn’t trade it for anything.


Well, hmm, that is a bit extreme, let us not be so hasty – perhaps we would be willing to part ways for a cup of coffee (Starbucks) and a doughnut (Krispy Kreme). But I digress…

Suffice it to say, I’m completely in love with Mojo.

I would marry him, but there’s still a lot of latent prejudice against Canine Americans and current laws apparently do not recognize inter-species marriages.

Meanwhile, “mojo-daddy” has become one of those annoying pet owners who speaks about himself in the third person and pretends that I, Mojo, can speak and write.

We at Mojo International Inc.TM, sincerely hope your life is currently, or will very shortly be, enriched by your own “mojo” best friend and look forward to meeting you, hearing from you, and sniffing you (Mojo wrote that).

Everything’s Better With a Mojo in Your Life!” ®

Mojo Headquarters, Inc.TM live webcam:

live from Mojo headquarters

Disclaimer: This is a non profit site. Any freak revenue received will go to charitable dog causes.

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