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The Powerful Pet-Partner Spiritual Bond


My “Dogucation” has taken an unexpected, yet pleasant, spiritual detour lately…

Shortly after Mojo came into my life, (or rather, barreled, jumped, and bounced full-speed into my life), I realized the profound impact he had (besides turning my lush, grassy backyard into dirt, terrifying my cats, and perpetually impersonating Bob Barker outside for my neighbors).

It didn’t take very long to realize all the good things that he brought with him – people, events, dogs, exercise, Pure Joy, and lots of white hair – mine, mostly.

I soon went from The Weird Cat Dude On The Corner to the run-of-the-mill, ubiquitous, Annoying Dog Person.

I knew I had officially joined the ranks of Annoying Dog People when I caught myself interrupting a phone conversation to speak dog-talk to Mojo – “Umm, hold on for a sec… mojo.. Mojo.. MOJO!!!! no… No… NO – Get OFF OF THAT (insert any animal or thing higher than 1 foot) RIGHT THIS MINUTE AND DO NOT EAT THAT (insert any living, non-living, edible, or non-edible object)!!!! Hello? I’m back, I’m sooooo sorry – umm, you were saying…?”

Sidenote: I have secretly been waiting over 20 years to be able to do this. “Payback” for all the times I’ve been put on hold and passive-aggressively forced to listen to background baby-talk, baby-music, baby-scolding, baby-praising, baby-teaching, etc, from new and not-so-new mothers, fathers, grandparents, and anyone else (including cat owners) who has ever felt the need to subtly emphasize the importance of their baby over our conversation. Now… it’s My Turn.

But I digress…

Anyway, in continuing my Dogucation (I don’t think it ever really ends – sigh), I learned that these furry, wet-cold-nosed, licking, slobbering, shedding, pooping, peeing, loving, “shake-the-water-off-their-fur-and-sneeze-on-anything-within-10-feet-anytime-they-want” living souls, quite commonly, have the same profound effect on their respective human partners as Mojo had on me:

Simply stated, we love and need each other.

So, in what seems to be a logical and natural progression, I’ve recently become drawn to stories of healing, therapy, chance rescue, seeming coincidences, partnerships, inter-species spirituality and all of the positive things Dog brings into our lives.

Ahem… Fast forward to the present…

So… I’m reading the last paragraph of the Introduction of "Paws & Effect," a fantastic book about the healing power of dogs, written by Sharon Sakson, and printed here without permission:

“In this century, humankind has found many ways to embrace the healing power of dogs. The dogs, in their forbearance, have offered their cooperation. Everywhere my research took me there were large dogs, tiny dogs, calm dogs, hyper dogs, well-trained dogs, and instinctual dogs, all of them doing their best to partner their human friend. My heart was, and remains, touched by their vigilance and steadfast service. All my wide-ranging research reinforced one fact: that the bond between our dogs and us enriches our world. They honor us by their friendship. They offer us their lives.”

It was an emotional moment and I was moved.

I slowly raised my eyes from the book and began to look over at Mojo, thinking that our eyes would meet and we would share a powerful, unspoken, spiritual connection. An “ah-ha” moment that would reaffirm my beliefs and encourage us to go forth into the world and show others the benefits and depth of the pet-partner bond.

Alas, at that very moment, Mojo was licking himself (for the detail-oriented reader, he was licking his butt). To his credit, it was a very focused licking, and he kept at it – neither my gaze nor my overwhelming feelings of emotion and spirituality could deter him from his task.

Note: this licking habit seems to be a recurring theme.

– mojo-daddy



Why do dogs that “Don’t Like Men” like me?

Typical Random Encounter with Stranger and Strange Dog:

Stranger: “Oh, she’s terrified of men, you may want to keep your distance. She must have had a bad experience before we found her. That’s odd, she’s wagging her tail, licking you, and rolling on her back so you can scratch her belly – she never does that with a man.”

Me: “Uh, um, er… “

“She… Never… Does… That… With… A… Man…”

Is this a compliment? How do I respond? I mean, do I really want to thank this person?

Anyway, I’m not sure what to make of the whole thing and trying real hard not to read too much into it. I guess I’m still recovering from the fallout of The Purse Fiasco…

– mojo-daddy, I’m just sayin’

Mojo Releases Toolbar!


In the most exciting high-tech news since Mojo invented the web,1 mojoinsanantonio.comTM released what is destined to be the next Internet blockbuster – a super-sleek, ultra-slim, state-of-the-art toolbar – weighing virtually nothing…

After literally hundreds of man-seconds of research and development, mojoinsanantonio.comTM has announced the “Alpha” release of a proprietary toolbar, known simply as “The Tool.”

Targeting primarily the narrow, yet critical, market segment of 4-to-97 year-old cellphone users, a spokesperson for mojoinsanantonio.comTM stated that initial response to date has been EXTREMELY mediocre with supply FAR EXCEEDING demand!

Don’t be the only one in your pack without one…

Click here to get your mojoinsanantonio.comTM toolbar today!

1. With the help of Chuck Norris and Al Gore.

Mo-jo Goes Mo-bile!


Associated Press (AP), InternationalTM

Due to overwhelming international feedback, worldwide marches, picketing, demonstrations, protests, and violent clashes – is now mobile!

The extremely “committed” staff at Mojo International Headquarters, Inc.TM has been sporadically working around the clock intermittently non-stop so you can get your daily Mo-Fix along with live, up to the minute Mo-News, Mo-Pics, and Mo-Spam delivered directly to your Mo-Phone!