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Archive for March, 2010

Yikes, I Bought a Purse!


Not that there’s anything wrong with buying a purse, I just never thought those words would emanate from my mouth… or keyboard… in this lifetime, anyway.

But I did. Really, I did. For Mojo. Well, that’s my excuse, anyway, and I’m sticking to it.

I tell myself that maybe it wasn’t really a purse, but some type of general-purpose bag.

But, since it was in the purse section, and the tag said “purse,” I guess it must be a purse. Fortunately, I bought it at 5 am when weird is the Walmart norm.

Ok, so why did I buy a purse? I needed a simple (yet stylish) over-the-shoulder bag for Delta visits. One that would keep my hands free, yet enable me to carry “accessories” that probably weigh twice as much as Mojo – towel, treats, poop-bags, Purell, paperwork, Moji-cards, brush, hair-removal thingee that I have no idea when I’d ever use it, treats, etc.

Yeah, I know, I know – I could’ve bought a duffel bag, a Manly Bag. And it would carry the same stuff and I could use it for other events also. Manly Events. Football. Baseball. Basketball (men’s, of course). Hockey. Shootin’ Skeet. But the duffel bags were just a tad too big – and, frankly, the colors clashed with my outfit.

Anyway, if anyone’s looking for me, I’ll be at Hooters drinking beer, shootin’ pool, playin’ darts, watchin’ sports and oglin’ the wait staff.

After that, I’ll be sewing some patches on my new purse.

All kidding aside, it matches my shoes and belt quite well, and is very practical, spacious, non-assuming, yet functional and diversified for multiple occasions.

Thank Dog that no one actually reads this drivel…

— mojo-daddy

Cute Stuff Mojo Does…


Mojo loves being outdoors. He runs to the back door and excitedly waits to go outside. I ask him to do a trick (NILIF philosophy in this house), then open the door and let him out.

He goes outside, but instead of running after squirrels, digging, chasing birds, barking at things I can’t see, climbing trees, etc, he immediately turns around and sits there with his little black nose against the glass door – fogging up a small mojo-nose-sized area of the glass. And looks inside at me.

More than anything else that is outside, he is waiting for me to come out and play with him.

So I do.

And I’m happy.

— mojo-daddy

Confession Time…


I’ve been feeling pretty guilty for the past few days and need to ‘fess up…

On the Stone Oak Park walk, Mojo pooped on a cactus. I don’t know how he does that, but he did – he must really think it’s funny or something, I dunno.

Anyway, I tried to pick it up. Really. But the cactus was one of those real sticky ones covered with barely-visible needle-thin thorns that are impossible to touch…

So I left it there.

And it’s been bothering me quite a bit.

So, I’m thinking a) from now on I carry some gardening tools and gloves on a hike, or b) I find some existing non-Mojo dog poop in the wild (of comparable size and shape, natch) and pick it up to redeem myself. Or maybe both. I could go back to Stone Oak Park with a shovel, chainsaw, hedgers, gloves, and a 3-ply bag and try to retrieve the Mojo-cactus-poop, but a) it would be tough to find, and b) if someone saw me with a shovel, chainsaw, hedgers, gloves, a 3-ply bag, and Mojo – they might call the police.

Anyway, I just had a glass of tap water and it tasted funny, so I thought I should warn you all.

— mojo-daddy

Is there such a thing as a Soul-Dog?


To the people that have had multiple dogs, cats, or other pets (serially or concurrently), have you had or do you currently have a special “soul-dog” or “soul-pet” – one that you feel/felt more of a bond with than any others – not because he/she really did anything special, but just because….

I’ve had several cats and dogs over the years, but feel very strongly attached to Mojo – he is like my child, wife, and girlfriends, all rolled into one.

I don’t know if it is simply my current state-of-mind/state-in-life or what (i.e. I’m in a place in life and willing/ready to “accept” a pet life-partner), but I’m anxious to hear what others have to say about their soul-mate pets.

I feel really, really, REALLY attached to this 15-lb barking, con-artist, flea-ridden, super-high-maintenance, weaselly, hair-shedding, big beautiful brown-eyed bundle of 110% pure love – now that he’s in my life, I can’t imagine being without him.

Sorry to be so sappy,

— mojo-daddy