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Archive for June, 2009

Mojo Signs Film Contract?


If you haven’t heard the latest, where have you been? It’s the hottest, most tweeted news of the past week…

Hollywood gossip columns and movie rags are buzzing with the rumor that Mojo has signed a contract to do a film commemorating the life and times of “Eddie.” Eddie, whose real name was “Moose,” was a dear, long-time friend of Mojo, and the star of the hit TV series, “Frasier.” Moose and his son Enzo played the part of Eddie and frequently collaborated with Mojo for cuteness tips and pointers.

Apparently, there were also occasionally some people on the show.

When asked about the upcoming movie (rumored to be released over Christmas 2009), Mojo sat, turned his head 90 degrees sideways, stared, scratched, then licked himself.

Mojo International Headquarters Inc,TM a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mojo, Inc.® was able to immediately steal obtain a first cut of the movie’s teaser poster, which is presented here as an exclusive to our loyal readers:

Mojo in "The Eddie Story"

Authentic Mojo Puppy Pics Discovered!


Extensive laboratory cyber-analysis has confirmed that the rash of recent emails containing Mojo puppy pictures are, in fact, authentic. This has also been corroborated by…

Due to extreme cuteness, these emails are being forwarded at an unprecedented rate, threatening to take down the entire Internet. Networks at several major corporations have already been severely impacted, with productivity losses estimated to be in the billions.

These pics have been made exclusively available here

This just in… Puparazzi have captured action photos of Mojo as a puppy, along with his litter-mates. The photo stash includes a rare, candid shot of his equally-cute father, who has seldom been spotted in public following a recent ambush by a crowd of porcupine fans.