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Apple Expert calls Mojo Love the 2011 “Feel-Good App of the Year!”


To regular readers and premium subscribers of Mojo World, it’s a gross understatement that “Mojo Love” – the long-awaited, recently-released, viral iPhone/iPad app – has taken the iPhone/iPad world by storm. The feedback continues to pour in – rumor has it that the staff at Mojo® Enterprisestm & Co. International, Inc.© has been augmented 100-fold to handle the overwhelming feedback, press, emails, appearances, and app-signing engagements. Various “puparazzi” have confirmed reports that Mojo will appear with with the famed Rebecca Black in the highly-anticipated, cleverly-named, upcoming music video sequel, “Saturday.”

Not surprisingly, this hasn’t escaped notice of many key players in the iOS world.  Some of the fan mail and comments appear below, exclusively for you, our dear readers:

  • “It’s quite simply, the Feel-Good App of the Year” – Rich
  • “Thanks for sending me the app, I’ll waste no time using it…” – Clowe
  • “WOW – I’m rendered speechless that Apple really approved this app, who would’ve thought…” – Wayne
  • “A modest little app, with much to be modest about…” – Collin
  • “I’ve never seen any app quite like it.” – Mark
  • “Smithers, who is this character? Hmmm… Mojo, eh?” – Montgomery Burns
  • “Please warn me when it will be available on Android…” – Steve B
  • “After Mojo Love, it is time for me to step down – all the great apps have now been written…” – Steve Jobs
Stay tuned for more.  Rumors of “Mojo Love – The Movie,” “Mojo Love – The Game,” “Mojo Love – The Reality TV Show,” and “Mojo Love Light ” (the extra-free version of Mojo Love) are in the works…


Mojo Love Released!


The servers in Cupertino are smokin.’

The Mojo Love app has just been released – get your copy here while they last!

Breaking News – Urgent!


Mojo® Enterprisestm & Co. International, Inc.© is preparing to formally announce the release of "Mojo Love," an iPhone/iPad app designed to provide 24/7 access to Mojo’s hilarious hijinks, tricks, and cuteness. Need a Mojo fix and no computer in sight? "Mojo Love" to the rescue.

Check back frequently for details.

Mojo doing the “Jump Into My Arms” trick!


Mojo doing the “cop-cop” trick!